1. Schedule an appointment to audition in Torrington.
  2. Attend one of the audition classes on tour.
  3. By video using the instructions found on our website and brochure.
  1. Ballet slippers, leotard and tights.
  2. Students should bring their pointe shoes in case the teacher would like to see pointe work.
  3. $30.00 audition fee (check or cash).
Our scholarships are very limited and are need-based.
Yes, during the last week of classes we encourage parents to come see their children in action. Parents are welcome anytime; you may visit with your children after classes are over for the day.
Absolutely! You are free to come to visit, or take your child home for the weekend. We ask only that you notify the Housing Director in advance.
The class size depends on the student’s Placement Level, but class can range in size from 15-25 students. There is limited enrollment of 55 resident students for the programs.
Parents are invited during the last week of the summer program to attend open classes, studio performances and to schedule conferences with their child’s teachers.
Although Nutmeg does not encourage this, students are allowed to bring their cars for the summer. We cannot guarantee parking. Limited parking is available for an additional fee. Parking arrangements are the family’s responsibility. Needless to say, we cannot allow students to transport each other in their vehicles. This can put students in the difficult position of having to refuse friends who ask for transportation, and this should be factored into any decision about bringing a vehicle.
Address mail to:
Student’s name, Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts, 58 Main Street, Torrington, CT 06790
Students may wish to bring spending money for evening activities such as the movies. We suggest that students bring traveler’s cheques for added peace of mind.
The dress code can be reviewed on our website and will also be included in the acceptance packet.
If you plan on visiting during the program, or if you will be attending a portion of the last week of classes or end of the summer performances, you will need to arrange to stay at a local hotel. Please contact us for assistance.