The Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory Academic Program

The mission of the Conservatory Academic Program (CAP) is to provide each dance student with the flexibility to pursue professional-level dance training while simultaneously maintaining academic skills needed to excel in the professional dance world, collegiate dance programs or other career paths.  CAP is designed for the individually motivated student at the Nutmeg Ballet grades nine through twelve (with special permission, eight graders may be considered). It attracts a committed and dedicated group of dancers whose passion for dance is coupled with a unique college preparatory curriculums, provided by Keystone National High School (Keystone) and Laurel Spring School (LSS).


Why Choose Our Academic Program?

  • Keystone and LSS are accredited high school degree-granting programs designed to provide an alternative to traditional public and private schools, and most importantly, to meet the needs of the young pre-professional student.
  • The accredited programs provide flexibility in scheduling and individual support from online instructors, as well as two-fold preparation for artistic careers and higher education.
  • Students utilize textbooks and distance-based technology to learn at a pace suited to their needs.
  • CAP facilitates access to Keystone and LSS with the close supervision and guidance of the Academic Director, in conjunction with online administrators and instructors.
  • Academic classes are in session from 9:00 am -1:00 pm, five days a week with appropriate breaks. During that time, students work in a classroom setting but move at a pace suited to their individual needs as they earn high school credits.
  • All students are encouraged to take the PSATs, ACTs, and the SATs, and all seniors are strongly encouraged to consider higher education options.

Academic Courses Overview

High School students — grades nine through twelve — generally enroll in 5 courses per academic year in the subjects of English, History, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Language, along with electives. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are also available through Keystone and LSS.  Students receive a high-school diploma upon satisfaction of Keystone and LSS credit requirements.

Academic Accreditation

All academic courses are accredited through the Keystone National High School which is licensed by the State Board of Private Licenses Schools, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and accredited by the following bodies; Commission on School and Colleges of the Northwest Association of the Distance Education and Training.  For more information on the academic offerings of Keystone National High School, please visit and for information regarding programs available through Laurel Springs School, please visit

Questions?  Call The Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory at 860.482.4413, ext. 314 and speak with our Academic Director for more information on how to apply for our high school academic and year-round residency programs.