Dorm Life

Dormitory life plays a significant role in the positive development of the Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory student. In addition to academic and dance training, students also participate in many area and community activities which are not directly related to dance. Field trips to cultural events, school dances, seasonal decorating parties, movie nights, Saturday evenings at local restaurants, and area shopping trips fill the students’ recreational schedules. These events build lasting bonds and lifelong friendships. At the end of each year, students work closely with the Housing Director to compile a yearbook that captures their most cherished memories of the year’s social events and activities.

Campus Housing

The Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory’s campus housing is designed to prepare students for living independently as young professionals. The Housing and Facility Directors work together to gently guide students in developing their abilities to take care of their individual living needs. Students are also required to take ownership of a weekly or monthly responsibility of the dormitory or cafeteria. In each of the aforementioned, students receive individual attention and guidance from staff until they have demonstrated an ability to meet their needs and obligations independently. All students are expected to keep a clean and welcoming living environment, and weekly room checks are conducted by the Facilities Director. Wireless Internet, study room lounges, and kitchenettes are available, and the school library provides a quiet study area for students where they can focus on their academic responsibilities.

High School Students (Year-Round & Summer)

High School students live within Nutmeg’s main dormitory facility located on the second floor of the Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory. A rotating staff of live-in Housing Supervisors reside on the same floor as the students and oversee their daily living. Student Resident Advisors (RAs) – who directly assist the Housing Supervisors – are also present within all of our living facilities. High-tech, card-access security systems are in place throughout the main building complex. In the summer, male students live in our historic and homey campus house that is within walking distance of the conservatory and adjacent to our our cafeteria at the St. Francis School.


Post-High School Students (Year-Round and Summer)

Post-High School students are given the choice of living within the Nutmeg dormitory and following all established dorm rules, or they may choose to be more independent and find a rental apartment close by.  In the summer, male students live in our historic and homey campus house that is within walking distance of the building complex.



The Nutmeg Meal Programs

Summer Program


Nutritious and healthy meals are prepared daily by Denis Fraunhauffer our Food Program Coordinator. Nutmeg Conservatory has a special agreement with St. Francis Parochial School which has provided us with the use of their School Cafeteria located only two blocks away from the main Nutmeg Building Complex. The school provides an excellent environment for our food service program. Students receive three fresh and nutritionally balanced meals Monday – Saturday.

On Sunday a mid-day brunch and paper bag super is served and has become a favorite amongst our residential students. All summer meals are served in the cafeteria except for occasional evening pizza parties which are held in the dorms and houses.



Nutmeg provides a “continental” style breakfast each morning in-house. Students have their choice of cereal, bagels, toast, yogurt, fresh fruit, granola bars, english muffins, etc. Mr. Fraunhauffer & Ms. Tuck purchases these items fresh each week and delivers them to Nutmeg Conservatory dorm kitchen and lounges. Students are free to prepare and select the breakfast items of their choice. Lunch is served in the main building lounge and our nutritious dinners are served at St Francis Parochial School Cafeteria. Each Saturday students are provided $10 to use for dinner in one of several area restaurants so that the students may enjoy each other’s company in the social setting of area restaurants.


Special Dietary Needs

Prior to arrival at Nutmeg parents will be asked to fill out a special meal form request and if there are special needs for any child we will organize a meeting for you with the nutritionists to discuss any special needs.

(Note: An additional fee may be required depending on the extent of special need)


Foreign Students

Form I-20 is a United States Department of Homeland Security docu

ment issued by colleges, universities, and vocational schools that provides supporting information for the issuance of a student visa or change of status upon transfer from another institution. (F, J and M non-immigrant statuses). To apply, please contact us at 860.482.4413 or

To learn more call the Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory at 860.482.4413 and speak with a member of our team about our Residency Program and Campus Life.