Professional Year-Round Program: Two or Four years

Grades 9–12

!cid_daeaf407-e08c-6e68-f3bb-eb0482718c09@meThe Professional Program is for the serious-minded dance student grades 9 through 12.  Most students who attend The Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory and participate in the Professional Program are already familiar with the basic structure of classical ballet from their previous schools. An intense daily training program, The Nutmeg’s program focuses on methodical training in the fundamentals of technique and classical ballet theory classes.

Talented high school freshmen (4 year Program), and/or sophomores, juniors and seniors (2 year program), complete their secondary education through our in-house academic program, The Nutmeg CAP (Conservatory Academic Program). Those students who are not from the immediate area take up residency in The Nutmeg’s dormitory or one of the historical homes in Torrington, Connecticut owned by The Nutmeg for the specific purpose of providing housing for students and guest artists.

Students are eligible for either a Certificate of Completion after two or four years of academic study. The Nutmeg measures its courses based on hours and student work is reviewed at the end of each semester. This special program of evaluation has been designed to offer each student a personal meeting with a staff member to review their work and provide them with a brief written statement of individual progress.


TitleThe Post-High School Program: Two years

This growing Post-High School Program is an acceleration of the work of the Vaganova method. It is designed for the dancer who seeks additional technical and performance training in a performance-oriented student company prior to auditioning for a professional position. It is equally well suited for students who wish to dance more intensively and then continue their academic careers in a college or university setting.

Students who graduate from the two-year Residency Program are also eligible to continue in the Post-High School Program if deemed appropriate and students coming to The Nutmeg in their senior year of high school may stay one or two years more in the Post-High School Program. A student need not attend our high school residency program in order to attend the post high school program.


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